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bespoke traditional style for a modern age
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TransAtlantic Heraldry

Individuals have long assumed armorial bearings for themselves and their heirs according to traditions that date back to 12th-century Europe. Although the governments of some nations such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and Ireland legally regulate the use and display of coats of arms, other such as the United States, France, and Germany maintain no state heraldic authority and it is legal for anyone to adopt arms.

Some individuals take advantage of a lack of regulation and understanding of the traditions of arms to make false claims about the legitimacy of using historic arms based on family name or genealogy. Arms belong exclusively to a single individual and are a form of personal property that can only pass legitimately to a direct lawful heir. We are trained professionals eager to help you design, display, and document arms that symbolize your unique personality, character, life, and experiences.

bespoke traditional style for a modern age
the corporate crest of TransAtlantic Heraldry®:
-design by Lawrence Lewis
-painting by Andrew Stewart Jamieson
Our Services

Our partnership of well-trained professionals provides comprehensive resources for designing, displaying, and documenting valid, unique, bespoke coat of arms design that symbolizes and celebrate your unique life story and respects the rich, ancient history and traditions of the heraldic arts.

  • coat of arms design - Transatlantic Heraldry
    Designing Arms

    Using the professional visual heraldic “language” of blazon, we work with you to construct an integrated integrated heraldic “signature” comprising a personally significant combination of symbolically meaningful animals, objects, colors, and line orientations according to modern best practices in the application of heraldic tradition.

    Chief Armorialist & Chronicler of Arms is Professor Lawrence Lewis, a chartered psychologist, and expert linguist, symbologist and professional scholar since 1993.

  • Displaying Arms

    In addition to providing a basic emblazon of the design (left), we offer the option of enhanced digital and fine art rendering (above) of your arms through our Heralds International association of highly experienced affiliate artists with experience in a variety of styles and media including canvas, wood, metal shields, and embroidery work.

    Now available on a limited basis for specialty commissions including his signature grand armorial emblazons and heraldic illuminations on traditional vellum, our Dean of Herald-Painters is internationally acclaimed Fine Artist, Scribe, and Illuminator Andrew Stewart Jamieson, perfecting the art of heraldry since 1983:

  • Documenting Arms

    Persons who are not subject to a government heraldic authority are encouraged to record and claim use of their unique arms through private registries such as our affiliated non-profit organization, The Heraldry Society of Louisiana & the Floridas (see sample document).

    We are able to provide advice on how to seek a foreign governmental grant or certification of arms for those who are interested and eligible, such as an American who can prove descent from an English, Scottish, Irish, or Spanish colonial ancestor.

Design Gallery
sample armorial and heraldic badge designs by TransAtlantic Heraldry®

Global Scope
Please contact us about which of our heraldic design, display, and documentation services are right for you.

With operations in North America and Europe, TransAtlantic Heraldry® is incorporated in both the United States (Florida) and the United Kingdom as
TransAtlantic Heraldry LLC
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Suite 111-5012
St. Augustine, FL 32095
Voicemail: (904) 347-7865
TransAtlantic Heraldry Ltd
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